MUSEUMSTAFETTEN – 2015 (Thursday March 26th)

Museum Relay on Arquebus - theme 1. World.


Thursday March 26th kicked year Museum Relay Started, a tradition that is now entering its ninth year and aims to present Haugalandets history in different ways and different arenas.

First stage stops this year Arquebus krigshistorisk museum.

The program War, this time it's WW1 to be illuminated.

The evening starts with MANDSKOR of 1914 contributing to national songs.
MANDSKOR was founded in 1914, and sang under 1. World patriotic / national songs to promote patriotism. The choir filled 100 year last year and was this year's choir in 2014, under Grunnlovsjubileet. MANDSKOR also got Haugesund municipality Culture for 2014.


"The story of Haugalandet - 1. World "has writer and journalist Tor Inge Vormedal cold his lecture.

1914 – 1918 war rages in Europe, while our area flourishes. Job Tida is called period.

While millions died on the battlefields of Europe, was Haugesund in the neutral Norway, one of the nation's job cities. Many were wealthy through stock speculation, and freight contracts. The traces found in SALHUSVEIEN where the many splendid villas tells his. Vormedal tells that Haugesund has neither before, or since had a similar boom. Sea silver was worth gold and average income and wealth in Haugesund lay three times higher than the national average.

Haugesund stock was established, and brokerage houses appeared like mushrooms. The municipal budgets were multiplied because of increased tax revenues, and a number of project was initiated, new sewers and electricity plant in Etne are two examples.

But growth in prosperity also had its price, in different ways. Many Norwegian ship, also from Haugalandet was shot and sunk. Norwegian sailors lost their lives.For most people were simply not simple period, but characterized by housing shortages and inflation, epidemics and poverty. The wealth that was fast, also disappeared quickly for most.

Through pictures and narrative takes Vormedal us back to 1. World .

Time for coffee and DROs will also.

Entrance £. 50, - Kids go free.

Welcome to the first Museum Relay Thursday March 26th 19 – 21 on Arquebus War History Museum.

For more information contact: 52709360/90977976

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