Restoration of command bunker at HKB Vikene on Kvalavåg

Arquebus krigshistorisk museum (Arquebus) has started a restoration project of a command bunker at HKB Vikene on Kvalavåg Karmøy. The battery became operational in summer 1941 as part of the Artillery Group Haugesund and was in favor of the German capitulation in 1945, after almost exactly four years in the German service. After the war, this particular command bunker sixty years of service in the Armed Forces. We have no specific plan for restoration workt.


This is as mentioned initially a command bunker for the ex. German coastal battery Vikene Karmøy. The bunker was established to control the firing of the battery's coastal artillery guns. At the same time had enough command bunker a role in connection with the convoy routes coming in from the sea at Utsira, which is just 16 kilometers west of the sea. Utsira is the last piece of Norway westward – og i 1941 everything west of Utsira enemy territory. On Karmøy finds “Against England” etched in concrete in some locations – and one must take into account that the coastal batteries were the frontline in the German defense of occupied Norway.

Upon liberation in 1945 the battery was dismantled and left of defense. Some of the equipment was collected and cared for, but the guns were scraped together with other guns of the same type. This artillery was too old and outdated to be able to have some role in post-war defense. Men, command bunker at Kvalavåg were retained by the defense and eventually went into the chain of coastal reporting stations in Norway. Lease agreement between the Armed Forces and the landowner was originally established, and last installment of rent of defense was actually paid as late as 2012. This is probably the last bunker that was in use as coastal reporting stations and the use of the Armed Forces of our maker.

This is not something “Regelbau” but a typical and standard command bunker which the Germans set up by a series of coastal batteries in Norway. Although Riksantikvaren not mean it is listed in a national context, so are bunker both listed and unique for both Karmøy and Haugalandet. The Ministry of Defense and Defense Construction Probate Property South both have accepted the request from Arquebus, Karmøy landowners that the bunker is to be preserved in museal context. This command bunker has a unique story to tell in the Haugesund in that it represents both the occupation and the Cold War. Norway was originally designated by the outside world as “the recent cold warrior” and central to the Cold War in Norway stood stationary waterfront facility that defense against invasion.

The takeover

The bunker was to be torn after the defense had no use for the longer. When we send your application to take over this bunker and that it should be preserved the way it is. In December 2014 the agreement was signed and we got over the bunker. When we took over was to begin preserving bunker, first had old junk removed and decor which was set up. New switchboard had to, so that we have the power to work. We have scraped paint and keep on getting dry out the bunker when it was part moisture in the. During removal of the paint we found a great compass rose in the ceiling that we should get enabled. The windows in the op was crushed, but is now sealed again. We have also done some cleanup on the outside, with among other things, to remove trees and shrubs and has been restored and the road up towards the bunker. Lots of work has been done and much work remains.





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