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I 1999 hadde museet 6.783 paying visitors.
Close 2.000 of these visitors were children and young, which is an approved nomination audience for the museum.

    Free admission for Primary, during opening hours

Arquebus and school

What can Arquebus contribute above school?

Arquebus can primarily concretize the story in a completely different way from other available sources.
Website to Arquebus will also be an asset for students. Students can examine the exhibition, read the relevant texts in advance of a visit, so you want a higher yield of the visit. Site and archive will also be a source of information about the local war history, especially for students who are working on projects.

Pr. Today, we have a limitation when it comes to accepting schools out of season May to August.

Check out this page on opening of further information

What does L97 on war history

9. great – HISTORY

Pupils should

– work forces, conflicts and choices that led to the two world wars, and the relationships between them. Acquaint themselves with the time in wars and consider the consequences of the

– search information from various sources as for example older people, museum, War Memorial, skrivne up to teenagers, Film and Information. Working with events in Norway from the Second World War. Be familiar with the follow of war for its own municipality and region and for the country at all

In terms of curriculum, the museum is a source of information and specification of the Second World War. In particular, students can become familiar with the history of our region.

40-anniversary of the liberation

The museum is active in schools to talk about our war history. For example, marking the museum's 40th anniversary of the liberation of Norway in 1985 with a 10 Daily weather event in Haugesund, with both exhibitions and lectures for schools in the district. All schools participated either by visits of lecturers at schools, or fellesarrangementer in Edda kino in Haugesund.

Arquebus exhibition in Tysvær

The exhibition in the Predecessor stands today as a significant defense-related exhibition, both due to its rich historical content and because of their size. The museum has managed to bring out the various aspects of the war's history in a mixture of large environment setup - where different situations from daily life and local war events are recreated and in terms of a number of minor layout - dealing with the details of the interwar period in the form of text, artwork and historical artifacts. The historic artifacts are used to form a complementary supplement to the story and illustrations.

Practical Information

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5563 Førdesfjorden in Tysvær Municipality.

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