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Arquebus museum is one of the largest defense Museums, and is located at the head of Førresfjorden. Arquebus museum take you through the dramatic occupation of exciting exhibitions of 2000 square. “The transition under” – large and comprehensive exhibition of the Allied victory in Europe and the German defeat in Berlin 1945.

What is distinctive with the museum's exhibition is almost 100 exhibit shapes with different civilian and military attire from war time. Some are set up in groups with sets full size which gives the audience a good idea of ​​how each situation described must have behaved themselves. The exhibition also features a street from the war with house facades in full size - with horses, cars and exhibition figures - which show the audience how a street and a square environment could look like in war. The interaction between the scenes, exhibit the characters and objects are quite unique in the scope set up in the exhibit. The large miljøoppsettene discusses the various aspects of the war's history, As more setup on the daily lives of civilians, seafarers' war voyage, liberation, Home Front, Kampene i april 1940 and the enemy coastal batteries on the west coast - to mention a few.


The museum has also been a natural partner over the years at the celebration of national anniversaries, fleet visits, allocation of war medals - and events organized by the National Guard, defense associations or local war sailing associations. The museum has great support in the district contributes often in connection with the issue of local booklets, local research projects and projects in schools.

The museum has also made significant historical contributions outside the district in connection with a series of book publications, journals and film productions. The museum collaborates with Forsvarsmuseet, which has provided a significant support to the museum's exhibits. Moreover Arquebus museum a good working relationship with a number of special museums of the same species both in Norway and abroad. The museum also has a formal partnership with a museum in Leicester, England. It is also appropriate to highlight a particularly good cooperation with Rogaland Home Guard District and the Norwegian Defence Association.

Awards and prizes

The museum has repeatedly garnered recognition for the significant voluntary efforts made and the results achieved in relation to the often very limited resources. To illustrate this, it may be mentioned that the museum in 1992 was awarded the Freedom of Expression Senior Professor Preben Munthe in connection with a temporary exhibition in Previous, and the awarding of Tysvær heron, a local price that is highly. Further, the volunteers received a grant of both Rogaland Fylkeskommunes Culture Award and the Norwegian Defence Association's Medal for volunteering, the efforts made. In addition to this, a number assigned by municipalities in the district and from institutions within the military.
Historical documentation

The growth of the museum's historical documentation has been significantly - especially in the last year. A conscious collection policy has led to the museum has gained a long-term effort to acquire specific items for extensions and improvements in the exhibition - which has been made since the opening of the exhibition in the Predecessor in 1995. The museum also has a large and well-stocked museum shop, where the objects to be restored and maintained on a voluntary basis. The museum has acquired its own expertise in restoration over the years. When it comes to restoration, we have cooperation with several other museums, clubs and organizations to draw on expertise. The majority of the objects in the exhibition have undergone a fairly substantial restoration of the museum's own workshop. At times, a great deal of voluntary work was the restoration of the museum's workshop.
Etablert i 1980

The museum has since its foundation been run with very limited resources and a significant volunteer effort. The museum has plenty of support in the district, which also includes cooperation with other museums, associations and institutions. The first krigsutstillingen foretok museum volunteers then Haugesund Museum 1974.
The museum opened a major war historical exhibition in its own premises in the Predecessor in 1995. Until that time, the museum has conducted significant restoration work in different rented locations in Haugesund and Karmøy. Since 1982 the museum has a permanent reservoir facilities in the district. Until the opening of the permanent exhibition in the Predecessor in 1995, so the museum has conducted regular events and temporary themed exhibitions in the district - some with a significant size.

Until the establishment of the permanent exhibition in the museum building in Previous Arquebus museum can therefore refer to the process of collection of local historical artifacts from the occupation, preservation and restoration of the items and above disclosure in terms of a number of temporary exhibitions in the district. Research in locally collected archival material is also performed to the best of ability, with the release of a number of local pamphlets and periodicals. During this period, the museum has built up a significant collection of historical documentation from the district, comprising objects, local archives from shipping and community, journals, print, books and photographs.

Establishment of a permanent exhibition in Tysvær

Museum acquired the building for free use of Tysvær municipality in September 1991. Until the opening of the permanent exhibition in May 1995, the whole of the former factory building built on a voluntary basis to a representative museum - with a major exhibition, vestibyle, museumsverksted, shop, classroom, kitchen, Cafe, and offices. Museum building is a total 3.200 square. The museum had good support from both the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum, Fortress Museum and Marine Museum in the work of building up the exhibition. Several of the veterans also participated in the work, among others, former head of the Home Front – Jens Chr. Hauge and the local resistance fighter former defense minister Gunnar Hellesen - to name a few. The local war sailing association participated actively in the work of building up the department of seafarers' war-voyage.
The museum had a significant job creation in the work of building the museum, which, together with volunteers from the museum - and a number of local artisans who lined up free - managed to shape the former industrial building into a functional museum. It was a tremendous volunteer effort that was put into the museum building until the official opening of 1995. Funding for materials came from many different quarters, including from Tysvær municipality, Rogaland County, Norwegian Council, The foundation Fritt Ord, Ministry of Defence and a number of local sponsors. It was all a huge “kulturdugnad” - That deserves respect.

Constantly new exhibits and extensions

The exhibition since opening in 1995 been subject to constant extensions and improvements. I 1996 the museum opened a new branch in the exhibition Home Guard in 50 year. This was a collaboration with local stakeholders and Rogaland Home Guard District in conjunction with the Home Guard 50th Anniversary. I 1999 the museum as one of the agencies that participated in the official commemoration of traces the inception 100th anniversary. This was a collaboration with the Coast Artillery and Fortress Museum. This was marked by the opening of a large thematic exhibition and opening event drew 1.500 Visitors. In the period from 1995 and until today, the exhibition wet the subject of constant improvements and extensions. The exhibition covers today 1.500 square.

The museum has worked with Navy personnel attached to Shetland (presently run “Hitra” of the Armed Forces Museum) and the museum has therefore been visited by Shetland KNM “Hitra” at the museum kai on two occasions (1992 and 1998). First time visit drew almost 1.000 spectators.

Audience Event

The museum has conducted a series of public events since its inception in 1980. Since the opening of the exhibition in the Predecessor in 1995, there has been one or more spectator event every year. In addition to the more specific events mentioned above, participating museum annually as the Midsummer Festival in Tysvær - a local culture - Activity Week and the local community. Support for events tend to be good - and some of the biggest events in collaboration with the schools in the district, undertaking organized visit to the connection. Since the opening of the permanent exhibition in May 1995 the museum has recorded 32.000 paying visitors of the exhibition. The visit to the museum in 1999 was about 7.000, which is a good visit compared with other museums in the district.


Practical Information

Office Address / Museum Building:
Gardsvikvegen 20
5563 Førdesfjorden in Tysvær Municipality.

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